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Our Service Area First People Media LLC is a commercial corporate partnership owned by North American Natives, dedicated to opening new commercial markets to our advertising customers and media viewers. The company provides media content with advertising to the 9 million Native American residents of Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48 states. Our flagship service, First People News offers news and in-depth feature stories from Native reporters "From the Villages to You." For our Native American viewers, our mission is cultural accuracy. Our village reporters express and record by video how the local community sees events, and how local residents act upon their understanding of events. For our viewers from other cultures, "From the Villages to You" means a more accurate portrayal of North American Natives, and improved community relationships. First People Media LLC offers a new, unique market for goods and services to our advertisers. As Advertisers come to better understand the market demand, we can expect better choices of goods and services at more competitive prices. On this page you can see header, sidebar, and footer ads. Try clicking on a few of these ads. You will be taken directly to the Advertiser's web page and can return to this page easily.

The video above is a perfect example of missing the whole point about culturally accurate native news. Rural Alaska has a balanced economy of traditional harvests and financially successful native-owned corporations and non-profits. First People Media is a commercial venture. We do not require government nor foundation funding. Commercial journalists and broadcasters make a living wage. Our readers can find us anytime on the internet, and at scheduled times on commercial TV broadcasts. "From The Villages To You"

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